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In the free consultation you receive a health screening, nutrition check and a fitness assessment. Based on your fitness level & goals we tailor a personalised workout plan. 


Zhiyan Pelle is a personal trainer and founder of GetFit. His sports background include basketball, tennis and gym training.  

His passion for fitness started at the gym. Because he saw the possibilities to build an aesthetic body, by focusing on specific muscles & following a certain routine. Through a good diet and constant training he quickly saw results. In fact this motivated him to learn more about the fitness industry. As he wanted to know how to build muscle efficiently and reach his goals faster.

Therefore he chose to study personal training, where he learned more about the muscular structure of the human body. Also how to train effective, efficient & safe. 

On the other hand he knew the importance of a good diet. Therefore he also studied sport nutrition. Here he learned about metabolic rates, how the body absorbs nutrients & how to pick the right diet to reach your goals. 

With this knowledge he started to see improvements in his form, strength and muscle growth. This inspired him to train his friends and enhance their health & bodies too. 

Nowadays he enjoys to train with other people. It gives him joy to see when others improve their health & wellbeing. By giving them the attention they need.

Qualifications & Expertise:

Muscle Development  & Bodybuilding

GetFit Training (HIIT, ABS, SandBag)

Bodyfat Reduction & Weight Loss

Personal Trainer credited by ANEF

Nutritional Coach credited by ANEF



Personal Training

Per Session


Per Session €45

60 Minutes Training

Improve Workout Routine

Improve Training Efficiency

Improve Posture

Weight Loss Bootcamp

Per Month


Per Session €24

60 Minutes Training

3 Sessions Per Week

4 Weeks Training

Reduce Bodyfat

Custom Tailored Workout

Nutritional Advice

For the best results a minimum of 3 months is required*

Definition Program

Per Month


Per Session €22

60 Minutes Training

5 Sessions Per Week

4 Weeks Training

Mix Between Cardio & Strength 

Burning Bodyfat

Developing Muscle

Increasing Strength 

Custom Tailored Workout

Nutritional Advice

For the best results a minimum of 3 months is required*

Body Transformation

All Included


Exclusive Plan

3 Months Training

Sessions Per Week

Daily Workout 75 minutes

Custom Tailored
Workout + Diet

BodyFat Reduction

Muscle Development

Meal Plan Included

Fresh food delivered daily

Calculated perfectly to fit your daily macros
(calories, proteins, fats & carbs) + adjusted to your taste.